About Quincy Bingham

Hi, my name is Quincy Bingham, I am a Mississippi native and Chicago resident who loves the summers, and sticks out the winters just to enjoy the next amazing summer! I graduated from Columbia College Chicago and been here ever since. I would like to consider myself an athlete, semi-health fanatic, and somewhat of an academic. I'm a 3-time fantasy football champ, diehard Halo fan, (not Halo 4!), and amateur astronomer…without a telescope...don't judge, it's in the works!

Those are just a few of my hobbies, but what I'm really great at is digital marketing and advertising. I've been done everything from SEO, digital analytics, to paid media advertising. Name an online channel, and I have probably served you an ad or at least dropped you a cookie…we have plenty of those where I work. ;)

My current specialties are Facebook advertising and healthcare paid media advertising. I have help new and investigational medications push thru the long and tedious clinical trial study phase by finding participants online. Digital marketing is a new and exciting channel for the healthcare industry. In a nutshell, that's what I'm about, pioneering new frontiers, challenging conventional wisdom and ways of thinking so that we can be better, stronger, faster, and most importantly, more effective, sort of like Master Chief in Halo!

Contact me for questions about digital marketing, paid media advertising or potential speaking opportunities. I'm always open to share the excitement of what I do! You can reach me via any of the links above or via email at quincylsb@gmail.com.