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I Know What I Can Do

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I know what I can do." - the young Captain Kirk Learning this has helped guide me through times of uncertainty and chaos. Being a young black male who grew up without my father in my home, I never knew what growing up in a fatherless home meant until I reached an age in which it became harder to find people willing to help me tackle life's many problems that are unique to black males. Critical thinking and reason helped navigate my way through uncertainty, unfamiliar paths, and situations most Americans…

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Four Keys to Working Remotely in 2020

As a digital marketer, I've worked from home for almost eight years now. I have loved every minute of it. With so many people working from home because of the pandemic, I thought this would be the proper time to share a few thoughts on what I have learned over the years. Working from home can be rewarding. Below are my four steps to mastering the art of working remotely. Technology Technology makes working from home possible, so its no mistake that getting this aspect of your journey correct is essential to your new life as a remote worker.  Wifi…

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My Idea of an Ally

I keep hearing the ally thing being thrown around. People keep asking me, how do I be an ally? Well first off, don’t make ultra cringe #takeresponsibility videos. My life and my experiences are not your responsibility. Let’s start with that. If you want to be an ally, start by treating me the same as you treated me yesterday. Respect me, respect my ideas, respect my experience, realize that we are both human, we both make mistakes, we both are making our way through this maze called life. My experience may be different from yours, but at the end of the day, we both want…

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A Fresh Look at Racial Injustice

A question that I have always asked myself is why are we expecting something from "policy-makers"? I think the entire idea of racial and/social injustice is a conversation that only always leads to some type of political solution, as though politics are the only medium to enact change. I'm being open and honest when I say that's the flaw in all of this.America is built on capitalism and ripe with a variety of freedoms that allow us to take advantage of solutions that I have seen people (including many black people) using in every other circumstance except for circumstances in…

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