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4 Tips for Success When Working From Home

As a digital marketer, I've worked from home for almost eight years now. I have loved every minute of it. With so many people working from home because of the pandemic, I thought this would be the proper time to share a few thoughts on what I have learned over the years. Working from home can be rewarding. Below are my four steps to mastering the art of working remotely. Tools of Choice when Working from Home Technology makes working from home possible, so it's no mistake that getting this aspect of your journey correct is essential to your new…

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Components of Work: How things Get Done

As I have grown as a digital marketer as well as a person, I've realized that most actions consist of tactics, strategies, objectives, goals, and systems. They all work together for you and your team to reach the results you want to achieve. These components of our actions range from the most fundamental tactics to the most advanced, strategies. No matter what, you will always need tactics. You may not need a system, but operating with a well-defined system is the only way to reach your full potential. Below is my breakdown of the component. This is merely my rough draft, some thoughts make…

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