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Save Time with this Facebook Ads Optimization Cheat-Sheet

Facebook Ads optimization is a very vague term used by many people in the digital marketing industry. The question that hangs in the air with many management teams is, “what exactly does it mean to “optimize” a digital marketing campaign?” Well, I could be spilling the beans here, but I’m going to pull back the lid on what we mean when we say we are “optimizing” a campaign. Usually, optimization of a Facebook Ads campaign consists of three main areas of interest: optimizing placements and networks, bids and budgets, and ad creatives. Sections: Facebook Ads Optimization: Placements and Networks Facebook Ads…

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is leading the industry as far as social advertising goes, so will cover how to implement Facebook within your marketing strategy…especially how to align it with your Don Draper like a presentation you gave to your client complete with personas and heavy demo info! Marketers who have had the opportunity to delve into the world of paid search over the past decade have seen first hand the differences between traditional marketing methods and marketing methods used online. Things aren’t as intuitive as they used to be. In the old days, we profiled “target demographic”, created personas, crunched the…

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5 Steps to Success with Facebook and Instagram Ads

You can no longer afford to waste valuable time and money getting it wrong. I'm a proponent of making mistakes, because mistakes indicate that you're trying. However, if you're not getting better or making the needed adjustments after each mistake, then what's the use? The below steps are integral to success with not only Facebook and Instagram but other social media marketing initiatives via other platforms. 1. Let the Data be Your Guide The biggest mistake most marketers make is being married to a method or system when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Sure, you need solid…

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Social Media Marketing Landscape in 2020

Digital marketing has changed forever how we do business. With the proliferation of the internet, throughout the late ’90s, marketers, and businesses received another medium in which to reach their customers. Two of the oldest channels paid search gave marketers the opportunity to access customers online. Paid Search, one of the most mature forms of digital marketing allowed marketers to capitalize on demand but was limited in connecting with people, sharing ideas and nurturing relationships. Too many paid search leads were being turned over to sales as SQL’s when in fact they were still MQL’s. To bridge the gap, businesses…

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