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Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is leading the industry as far as social advertising goes, so will cover how to implement Facebook within your marketing strategy…especially how to align it with your Don Draper like a presentation you gave to your client complete with personas and heavy demo info! Marketers who have had the opportunity to delve into the world of paid search over the past decade have seen first hand the differences in between traditional marketing methods and marketing methods used online. Things aren’t as intuitive as they used to be. In the old days, we profiled “target demographic”, created personas, crunched the…

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5 Steps to Success with Facebook and Instagram

You can no longer afford to waste valuable time and money getting it wrong. I'm a proponent of making mistakes, because mistakes indicate that you're trying. However, if you're not getting better or making the needed adjustments after each mistake, then what's the use? The below steps are integral to success with not only Facebook and Instagram but other social media marketing initiatives via other platforms. 1. Let the Data be Your Guide The biggest mistake most marketers make is being married to a method or system when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Sure, you need solid…

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Why I Fell in Love with Halo

Halo has been one of my favorite pastimes over the last decade. I remember the first time I picked up a controller at my friend's place in the earlier 2000s. I had no idea what I was playing or doing, but the game somehow was soothing to play. It had the perfect balance of a beautiful open-world ripe for exploration but also a first-person shooter with just the right amount of difficulty. The game was set in the future on a mysterious ringworld you crashed into while being chased by aliens determined to destroy your ship. You weren't the captain…

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Social Media Marketing Landscape in 2020

Digital marketing has changed forever how we do business. With the proliferation of the internet, throughout the late ’90s, marketers, and businesses received another medium in which to reach their customers. Two of the oldest channels paid search gave marketers the opportunity to access customers online.Paid Search, one of the most mature forms of digital marketing allowed marketers to capitalize on demand but was limited in connecting with people, sharing ideas and nurturing relationships. Too many paid search leads were being turned over to sales as SQL’s when in fact they were still MQL’s.To bridge the gap, businesses needed to…

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12 Great Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers

1. Get Creative with Your Hashtags Try to capitalize on hashtags that may seem like a stretch. If you sell shoes, maybe post something related to pedicures using pedicure hashtags. The point is to cast a wide net and experiment. Be creative, original, and funny, anything but dull. Mix it up. Make sure you are using hashtags that are both directly related to your business! Look for hashtags that tell a story. 2. Participate in Massively Popular Conversations The biggest mistake most marketers make is running a space-related account, I was able to grow our client's followers organically by participating…

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UTM Parameters Setup Guide

UTM parameters are identifiable information that you add to a URL to track digital marketing campaigns online. When a user clicks a URL with UTM parameters, data is sent back to a publisher or publishers about that particular website visit. By using UTM's, a marketer can gauge metrics and performance of the source, medium, campaign, terms, and content of their marketing content or campaigns. For example, you can find out how much traffic came from a Facebook post or ad instead of looking at Facebook referrals. If you are doing an email blast, you can append links or URL's in…

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Digital Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

This comprehensive guide is brought to you from years of experience managing many Instagram accounts. Feel free to skip to the section that interests you the most! Table of Contents Why Use Instagram for Business Getting Started With Instagram How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram Types of Instagram Posts Guide to Instagram Shopping Guide to Instagram Formats The Instagram Algorithm Introduction to Instagram Advertising How to Make the Most Out of Instagram Conclusion Why Use Instagram for Business? We all know how fantastic Instagram is for keeping our loved ones up-to-date on…

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Basics of Digital Marketing

One of my favorite quotes growing up was: "Wherever there is a will, there is a way." That quote has helped me navigate some tricky situations in life. The same will be true when we recover from this coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world. I can't predict the future. However, I have a hunch that small business owners, artists, performers, and others will return to a new economy that emphasizes a need to maintain a robust digital presence. According to Statista, Internet penetration has reached 59%+ worldwide, up from 35% in 2013. Now is the ideal time to fully…

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Are All Conspiracies Bad?

Notice the significant difference between saying: "I believe that 5G may cause physical harm to us." or "I believe vaccines may be harmful."   VS.  "~Insert powerful person~ is using vaccines to kill off half the population and track us using microchips." or  "The Earth is flat, and science is an atheist religion built by Jesuits to hide the true nature of our existence." You must know the difference. One is an exploratory query that prompts one to do research, seek information, and NOT confirmation. It asks questions, starts a discussion, begs for more knowledge and understanding. The others are definitive statements that…

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Things You Should Know Before 30

A few things people should learn before 30.The economy moves like a heartbeat, there will be up to times and downtimes. At some point, be self-aware enough to ask yourself, "What do I mean when I say the economy is bad?" Could it be that you're just saying that just because that's what people say? A life without challenges is no life at all. Be thankful for adversity. Without adversity, you can not grow. The influence you sway is directly related to the size of the problems you can solve. Don't run from problems. The obstacle is the way. (Book by Ryan…

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