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UTM Parameters Setup Guide

UTM parameters are identifiable information that you add to a URL to track digital marketing campaigns online. When a user clicks a URL with UTM parameters, data is sent back to a publisher or publishers about that particular website visit. By using UTM's, a marketer can gauge metrics and performance of the source, medium, campaign, terms, and content of their marketing content or campaigns. For example, you can find out how much traffic came from a Facebook post or ad instead of looking at Facebook referrals. If you are doing an email blast, you can append links or URL's in…

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Digital Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

This comprehensive guide is brought to you from years of experience managing many Instagram accounts. Feel free to skip to the section that interests you the most! Table of Contents Why Use Instagram for Business Getting Started With Instagram How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram Types of Instagram Posts Guide to Instagram Shopping Guide to Instagram Formats The Instagram Algorithm Introduction to Instagram Advertising How to Make the Most Out of Instagram Conclusion Why Use Instagram for Business? We all know how fantastic Instagram is for keeping our loved ones up-to-date on…

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Basics of Digital Marketing

One of my favorite quotes growing up was: "Wherever there is a will, there is a way." That quote has helped me navigate some tricky situations in life. The same will be true when we recover from this coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world. I can't predict the future. However, I have a hunch that small business owners, artists, performers, and others will return to a new economy that emphasizes a need to maintain a robust digital presence. According to Statista, Internet penetration has reached 59%+ worldwide, up from 35% in 2013. Now is the ideal time to fully…

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Types of Websites

If you are building a website or application, then it is quite likely that you are making a site with a specific purpose in mind. This purpose will ultimately determine the decisions you make as far as how you market, advertise and invest in your website. All websites fall into the categories of ecommerce, lead generation, or awareness. SaaS websites, (software as a service) fall under eCommerce websites but have very distinct characteristics. Although many consider online services as a part of the ecommerce world of sites, some unique differences set online services apart. I'll discuss them separately. It is essential to understand these…

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