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Understanding Digital Analytics – The Hottest Industry Right Now

Digital marketing can be incredibly useful when it comes to enhancing brand awareness and truly getting the word out about your brand. It's also a great way to educate prospects about the products and services you provide. But virtually all digital marketing efforts are rendered pointless without proper analytics and online measurement. It's vital to see how marketing activities and spending impact the company's bottom line if you reap the full benefits of digital marketing. In comes digital analytics, one of the hottest growing needs for business owners growing their businesses worldwide. What is Digital Analytics?  As the world becomes…

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6 Reliable Tips for Mastering The Art of Online Research

Fear is at an all-time high in our society. Inflamed fear has caused us to cease to have the relevant conversations that address serious issues such as racism, poverty, and police brutality. We have opted into primitive problem-solving methods such as race batting, demonization, burning books, and good ole fashioned tribalism.In many ways, the problem AND the solution lie somewhere between the intricate relationship of the internet, social media, the news media, and how we interact with these entities. These are all areas in which we receive and disseminate information.Over time these areas have been polluted with algorithms and activists…

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Why Misinformation Is So Prevalent & What YOU Can Do About It

The internet allows anyone, anywhere, to record, communicate or convey information at any time. Although this in itself is revolutionary, it’s not without its pitfalls. The internet is reeling with misinformation. There are groups such as Q-Anon and flat earth theorists who have genuinely abandoned reality for far-fetched conspiracies. Grifters and snake-oil salespeople are more than willing to tell you what you want to hear for the enormously high price of your attention, likes, comments, and feeding the beasts we call algorithms. The truth is that we are in an infantile stage of the information age, the wild wild west…

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Save Time with this Facebook Ads Optimization Cheat-Sheet

Facebook Ads optimization is a very vague term used by many people in the digital marketing industry. The question that hangs in the air with many management teams is, “what exactly does it mean to “optimize” a digital marketing campaign?” Well, I could be spilling the beans here, but I’m going to pull back the lid on what we mean when we say we are “optimizing” a campaign. Usually, optimization of a Facebook Ads campaign consists of three main areas of interest: optimizing placements and networks, bids and budgets, and ad creatives. Sections: Facebook Ads Optimization: Placements and Networks Facebook Ads…

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17 Key Terms for Clear-Cut Critical Thinking in Our Daily Lives

Most logical fallacies have more to do with formal arguments and less to do with how we communicate with each other daily. There are simple words and ideas used in our everyday speech that have a significant impact on our interpretations, perceptions, and decision-making. Listed below are a few of those terms. Understanding or reviewing these terms will give you a slight edge while watching the news, attending a meeting, or discussing world events with your loved ones. I chose these terms because I’m often involved in situations in which these definitions could come in handy. Below are the terms I’ll…

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