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Things You Should Know Before 30

A few things people should learn before 30.

  • The economy moves like a heartbeat, there will be up to times and downtimes. At some point, be self-aware enough to ask yourself, “What do I mean when I say the economy is bad?” Could it be that you’re just saying that just because that’s what people say? We are surely in a recession with the presence of COVID-19. But this wasn’t the case last year or the year before. I don’t think there has been a time in which people haven’t said: “The economy is bad”. I may help to understand what exactly is the economy and what it means to be “bad”. No, the economy is not relegated to you and your friend’s inability to find a job.

  • A life without challenges is no life at all. Be thankful for adversity. Without adversity, you can not grow. The influence you sway is directly related to the size of the problems you can solve. Don’t run from problems. The obstacle is the way. (Book by Ryan Holiday)

  • Change is the only constant in life. There is a quote from Brad Blanton: “Yesterday’s truth is today’s bullshit. Even yesterday’s liberating insight is today’s jail of stale explanation.” Put simply, the truth or what is true changes. Be prepared to deal with everchanging truth and reality. Get acquainted with uncertainty.

  • Expanding on the last point. “In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer. Never stop learning. Everything always changes. Learning is a lifestyle, not something to do. Change is the only constant in life. I’ve belabored this point for good reason.

  • 90%+ of businesses are small businesses. You know, your favorite bar, the Mexican joint on the corner, your hairstylist, barber or wedding photographer, that food truck that hooks you after a long night out. So consider that when people discuss “tax cuts for the rich” or some company isn’t paying taxes. Those companies the news targets make up less than 1% of businesses that are impacted by tax laws.

  • Charity and Philanthropy aren’t the gatekeepers to positive change, they are just one of many ways to achieve those outcomes. Just because you’re doing something that makes you OR other people feel good doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bringing about positive, every lasting change. There is nothing wrong with charity or Philanthropy. We need more of it. But you know what we need more of? People who understand that those are by far not the only ways to bring about positive change in the world.

  • The government is not here to solve your problems. The government has its place. In a democratic, capitalist society, that place is limited. Especially the federal government. Stop blaming local issues on a federal government. Be as passionate about your aldermen, mayors, city halls, and governors as you are about presidents since those are the people who have a direct impact on your life. If you’re serious about the things that you believe in, then how serious you are will come out in the way you spend your money and the actions you take on an everyday basis and your local community.

  • Perspective is everything, especially when it comes to action. You may see an unwanted problem, and the next person may see the opportunity of a lifetime. I guess the simplest way to say this is “one mans trash is another man’s treasure. How does that relate to “action”? The actions you take reveal your perspective, even if you lie to yourself. I recommend the attitude that accepts change and takes you somewhere, anywhere but where you were before.

  • Fear never has and will never move you or anyone else forward. Hope is not a strategy; fear is damn sure not a plan either.

  • We’re all going to die someday. Keep reminding yourself this, and eventually, it’ll sink in. No matter your culture, religion, or beliefs, rest assured, you will die. So what do you plan to do with your time here, on Earth, right now in 2020?

  • It is possible to be passionate about something and not shit on the opposite thing. Just because you like Star Wars doesn’t mean you have to hate Star Trek, just because you are a Democrat doesn’t mean you have to hate Republicans, just because you love savory foods doesn’t mean you have to shun sweets. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to shit on meat-eaters. Sorry for the language, just getting the point across.

  • Stop thinking in extremes. Spectrums exist, and absolutism is intellectual laziness. Things can be good, but not the best or great. Things can be dialed back but not eliminated. Life is not binary. Life is mostly grayed with very few blacks and whites. Understanding the nuances of experience will add perspective, clarity, and empathy to your thoughts.

  • You share the planet with billions of people who don’t know your God(s), language, customs, hopes, fears, etc. exist. Half of them don’t even see the same stars as you or discern the moon the same way you do. So how could your way possibly be the right way or only way?

  • Stop seeking confirmation over information. There is a difference.

  • Know that there are things…many, many, many things that you don’t know. Our nation, our society, our entire body of knowledge will look entirely different 400 years from now. So why go through life as though this is the final thesis on what is and what isn’t. What makes you or me the arbiter of truth?

  • With that being said, there ARE universal truths that are applicable to everyone. Just because there are universal truths means they ALL apply to you. This is where prioritization comes into play. You cant place every truth, value, or cause at the forefront of your life. But you can choose which ones to prioritize and allow to shape your existence. 


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