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Why Your Business Needs Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing the visibility, usability, and effectiveness of a website, including its pages, content, and interactive media in search engine results pages. This is done either via search engine optimization and paid search. With the increasing usage of social media, smartphones, and numerous other communication technologies, it is no longer an option not to have a fully optimized and marketable site. There is talk of websites passing the torch over to applications, but I believe this talk is premature as apps are mostly linked to functional needs and fail in the area of informational…

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Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Google's search engine works by gathering information from a range of sources, such as web pages, public databases, and other areas through crawling, indexing, ranking, and serving web pages. The "crawling" and "indexing" of web pages are done by search algorithms. Search algorithms use automated programs that are typically referred to as bots, crawlers, or spiders. When someone types in a query, results pop up depending on the frequency and location of keywords on the page. The results also depend on how long the page has existed, and various other factors that impact search engine ranking. From a technical perspective, you…

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Understanding Paid Search

Google and Bing both allow advertisers to take advantage of paid search, wherein they show advertisements on the search engine result pages. Essentially, you set up a listing and pay-per-click for each person who clicks on that listing. Marketers have the option to decide on the bid amount, what keywords they want the ad to show for, and what location they' prefer to show the ad in. There are many other settings. However, these are just the basics. A combination of factors, such as the quality of the ad and the bid amount, will determine which paid advertisement shows in any given relevant…

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Case Study: Heat Map for Super Refractory Status Epilepticus

I have grown many businesses by using consistent digital marketing tactics. However, the most creative and unique thing I have done using digital marketing was come up with a unique solution to an uncommon problem. My client was a pharmaceutical company that developed a drug to treat the rare condition Super Refractory Status Epilepticus. Super-refractory status epilepticus is an ongoing seizure over a 24 hour period that is non-responsive to usual seizure meds. The problem was two-fold. First, the condition is rare, so finding incidents was also a rare occurrence. Second, the window for treatment was small. The medication had…

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Five Pitfalls of the Information Age

Within a few weeks, fear of the COVID-19 has gripped the world. Not only fear but anger directed towards those whom we believe are supposed to protect us. The national news provides around the clock COVID-19 news breaks and headlines every minute of the day as we sit and wait patiently for this to pass. Things could very well get worst. Are we mentally prepared for such a reality? COVID-19 has illuminated a few factors that influence how we operate as a society and as individuals in these trying times. Hopefully, we can avoid these "evils" as I like to call them. My…

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What the Solar Republic means to me

As a child, my mother told me I was always fascinated by stars in the sky even before I could walk or had the words to describe what I was seeing. I remember how she woke my brother and me up before dawn and to get us dressed so that she could go to work and drop us off at our grandmother's house. On those dark, early mornings, I paid close attention to the sky. I was in awe of how the constellations seemed to move across the sky with each passing day. After school, each evening, as the sky…

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