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Are All Conspiracies Bad?

Notice the significant difference between saying: "I believe that 5G may cause physical harm to us." or "I believe vaccines may be harmful."   VS.  "~Insert powerful person~ is using vaccines to kill off half the population and track us using microchips." or  "The Earth is flat, and science is an atheist religion built by Jesuits to hide the true nature of our existence." You must know the difference. One is an exploratory query that prompts one to do research, seek information, and NOT confirmation. It asks questions, starts a discussion, begs for more knowledge and understanding. The others are definitive statements that…

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Things You Should Know Before 30

A few things people should learn before 30.The economy moves like a heartbeat, there will be up to times and downtimes. At some point, be self-aware enough to ask yourself, "What do I mean when I say the economy is bad?" Could it be that you're just saying that just because that's what people say? We are surely in a recession with the presence of COVID-19. But this wasn't the case last year or the year before. I don't think there has been a time in which people haven't said: "The economy is bad". I may help to understand what exactly…

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Types of Websites

If you are building a website or application, then it is quite likely that you are making a site with a specific purpose in mind. This purpose will ultimately determine the decisions you make as far as how you market, advertise and invest in your website. All websites fall into the categories of ecommerce, lead generation, or awareness. SaaS websites, (software as a service) fall under eCommerce websites but have very distinct characteristics. Although many consider online services as a part of the ecommerce world of sites, some unique differences set online services apart. I'll discuss them separately. It is essential to understand these…

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